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About our company

DigiAmigo is a social media management agency. We target the audience through the widespread of social media for different companies. Establishing our feet in the market, we are providing advertisement at a scale to fetch more audience at less price to fit in your budget.

Today, your customers are in a stream of social media irrespective of what industry you deal with. We are engaging ourselves in offering with a variety of social media projects to get in touch with your customer in a click. Your customers deserve to be updated with each minute detail of the services you provide and the hot deals you come up through.

Knocking every door will never serve the purpose, the customers have outsmarted the market now and social media is a leading space to every corner you can reach at without much efforts. There we are, to help you create a social network and deal with your audience personally.

We help you to project your ideas in the language of your people, the language they understand. Yes, social media is the language they speak. In 21st century, the database is the marketplace. Running fingers and scrolling through pages is the new way to work.

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Whether you are a a large traditional business in Jaipur, India looking for digital transformation or Small local restaurant in Newcastle, Australia – Digi Amigo understand what works and what not. Thanks to our years of experience and hustle in all segments.

Do reach out to us and let’s talk about your business goals.

We have got tailored solution for you.

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